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Clear Keyboard Rests

Compact iPad Rest
Designed specifically for use with the Apple iPad.
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Covered Laptop Rest
The covered laptop rest completely covers the keyboard and makes the laptop more suitable to meet a wide range of different needs. The rest, which fits up to 16 inch laptops, is very helpful for those supporting users who might have a tendency to ‘fiddle’ with the keyboard and glidepad. Using the covered rest, the attention of such users can be more easily be focused on the screen. (The Sejin mini keyboard with built in trackerball, Order code: SJTKB is recommended as an ideal, compact device for the person supporting the user) The rest can also be positioned in front of those users who wish to use an access device (eg. switches, joystick, etc) directly in front of the screen for a good midline position that presents the screen at an excellent angle for comfort and proximity. Once again, if the user is supported, a separate mouse and/or keyboard can be purchased from Maxess if required.
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Angled Rest for the AlphaSmart 3000, Dana and Neo
Specially designed to fit the AlphaSmart 3000, Dana and the new Neo, this lightweight rest gives improved visual and physical access. The rest is stylish, robust and fits neatly into the AlphaSmart bag, even with the keyguard attached (see enlarged photo) For keyguards, see Keyguards and Keyboards
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Standard Keyboard Rest
For use with standard keyboards and Big Keys.
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Laptop Rests: 15" and 16"
For use with laptops, communication aids etc, these newly-designed rests are large enough to accommodate laptops up to 15" and 16" respectively.
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Compact Keyboard Rest
Designed specifically for use with the very popular Compact Cherry Keyboard, this small rest will accommodate most compact keyboards.
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iPad Rest Order code: iPR
Covered Laptop Rest Order code: CLR
AlphaSmart Rest Order code: ASR
Standard Keyboard Rest Order code: STRST
Laptop Rest 15" Order code: CLLR15
Laptop Rest 16" Order code: CLLR16
Compact Keyboard Rest Order code: CLCKR

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