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Clear Switch Mounts

Similar to our standard range of switch mounts, Maxess Clear Mounts are available in three sizes. They are particularly useful where a smaller footprint is desirable or use with a grab bar is required.
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Small Switch Mount
Ideal for 'Specs' type switches or any small hand switch.
Sloping surface: 6cm x 6cm

Medium Switch Mount
Ideal for 'Jelly Bean' type switches or similar.
Sloping surface: 8cm x 8cm

Large Switch Mount
Ideal for 'Big Red' type switches or a 'Big Mack' etc.
Sloping surface: 18cm x 16.5cm

Small Clear Mount Order code: SMCLMT
Medium Clear Mount Order code: MDCLMT
Large Clear Mount Order code: LGCLMT

Prices do not include carriage. See ordering information.

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